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Re: [Freeciv-Dev] patch: solar plant...

Re: [Freeciv-Dev] patch: solar plant...

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To: Freeciv developers <freeciv-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [Freeciv-Dev] patch: solar plant...
From: Daniel Sjolie <deepone@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 25 Jul 1999 02:25:24 +0200

On 1999-07-25 02:14:18, Reinier Post wrote:
> > > I think the two are computed independently, including the modifying 
> > > effects
> > > of buildings, then added to give total pollution.
> > 
> > You don't think the effects of recycling center and
> > hoover/hydro/nuclear should be in effect at the same time?
> I thought the recycling center only affected pollution due to production,
> but I may be wrong.  It wouldn't be logical now that I think of it.

Well, it does... Both now and in my patch...

The question was if it should be

if (recycling)
    pol /=3;
else if (good_plant)
    pol /=2;


if (recycling)
    pol /=3;
if (good_plant)
    pol /=2;

I don't think that the first one makes a lot of sense and
that's the way it is now...


Now take a deep breath, smile and don't take life so seriously... :)

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