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Welcome to the legacy mailing list archives. These represent lists that were hosted here for 14 years, from 1995 to 2009. Please refer to Complete.Org's Mailing List page for more detail about these lists, the projects, and where to find more recent archives (if any).

List Name
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List Description
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gopher on Gopher discussion
hpcomm-announce on HPComm Announcement List
hpcomm-dev on HPComm Development
hpcomm on HPComm General Discussion
offlineimap on OfflineIMAP discussion
opendvd-news on OpenDVD News
tetrinext on Tetrinext Chatter
wsu-acm on Wichita State Univ. ACM discussion
freeciv-ai on FreeCiv Artificial Intelligence
freeciv-announce on FreeCiv announcements
freeciv-data on FreeCiv Data Attachments
freeciv-dev on FreeCiv Development
freeciv-i18n on FreeCiv Internationalization
freeciv-java on FreeCiv Java-based clients/servers
freeciv on FreeCiv General Discussion
Air Capital Linux Users Group
activities on ACLUG Instals, Demos, and Events
announce on ACLUG Announcements
discussion on ACLUG and Linux Discussion
linux-help on ACLUG Linux Help
local on ACLUG meeting attendees
presentations on ACLUG monthly presentations coordination
webdev on ACLUG web site development and maintenance

August 1, 2002