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[freeciv-i18n] Re: Contributing with translations

[freeciv-i18n] Re: Contributing with translations

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To: Jordi Negrevernis i Font <jnegrevernis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: freeciv-i18n@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [freeciv-i18n] Re: Contributing with translations
From: MKD <claudiomkd@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2006 13:04:07 +0300
Reply-to: claudiomkd@xxxxxxxxx

Jordi Negrevernis i Font wrote:
>> Well, I wanted to ask how to merge message strings from one branch to 
>> another, or better said, if there new messages which appeared in new 
>> versions.. how are they put into XX.po? Do we need to do it manually 
>> taking it from the orginal English?
>> I mean, do I need just to do:
>> svn update
>> vim po/es.po
>> And get on with it...
>> Or either do I need to see if are there any new messages from new 
>> versions (in English) and so import them into the es.po file... ?
>    Well, i will
You will.. but what? Sorry but I don't know what question did I ask to 
answer "well, I will", can you explain me?
>    - download the latest sources of the tree to update
>    - compile them - because the make process does update the .PO file
>    - run the msgmerge program to merge the po files and update the PO 
> files of S2_1 and HEAD with the PO from S2_0,
>    - and then use KBabel to modify the translation - if you have a 
> fairly recent distribution instead of wim.
I already downloaded freeciv-2.0, freeciv-2.1 and freeciv-trunk. As far 
as I know from what I red from documentation, I just need to run 'make' 
under po/ directory in the TRUNK version, and then 'msgmerge freeciv.pot 
es.po > new_es.po'.

After that, I know how to use 'diff -u' and so on so I get the patch to 
send. But I have two more doubts (it might looks like I'm a bit slow..., 
sorry I'm just new):

I don't understand what is the thing with KBabel, I mean, I ment to 
translate everything by myself, without no help programs. Just by 
editing the .po file and generating the diff.

Another thing, is that, as I explained above, from gettext, if I do 
'msgmerge freeciv.pot es.po > new_es.po' on the TRUNK version, I have 
the new changes merged. But I don't know why/how to merge changes from 
S2_0 and S2_1.

Why do I need to merge changes to S2_0 and S2_1 if I'm translating for 
CURRENT (trunk), and the new messages can be so included in the future S2_2.

Can you help me with thous doubts, please? Thank you.

Claudio M. Camacho

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