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[freeciv-i18n] Re: Contributing with translations

[freeciv-i18n] Re: Contributing with translations

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To: Sini Ruohomaa <sini.ruohomaa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: freeciv-i18n@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [freeciv-i18n] Re: Contributing with translations
From: MKD <claudiomkd@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2006 21:16:29 +0300
Reply-to: claudiomkd@xxxxxxxxx

Sini Ruohomaa wrote:
> Ok. It's hard to tell beforehand, but I guess maybe I really should
> learn to talk like a laywer on mailing lists. I wrote two long replies
> already, and dismissed them as a waste of everyone's time. This one's
> half their size and it's still ridiculous.
> Claudiomkd, you have misread me wildly, quoted me unkindly out of
> context to make me look bitchier than I was, and made me very upset by
> your apparently angered and paternizing reaction. I am not happy. I
> think it is rude to do so, and I wish people in general didn't do such
> things in volunteer organizations.
> You seem otherwise like a nice guy, so I just ask myself, why me?
> Because I talk funny? Because you really hate KBabel's guts? Read
> - I'm not even talking
> about KBabel, nor do I use it, and I never claimed to. I use emacs and
> you can use whatever strikes your fancy. 
> But even if I did use KBabel, there is no reason to patronize me for
> being happy to use my "loved KBabel" and advertise it when it's done in
> good will; it's a nice piece of software and you'll run into plenty of
> people who like it and may even be careless enough to mention it does
> something fun. It doesn't mean you can't use Perl. I said you (and
> whoever it was who was interested in the feature earlier) wouldn't need
> to reimplement the %s-count checking to not be forced to use KBabel. And
> you can even call msgfmt FROM your Perl script if you want, and it
> wouldn't be a bad idea to run msgfmt -c *anyway*, since then you make
> sure your file can't crash the compilation process. But since you are
> worried about your right to perform the coding excercise, you can have
> an official "go right ahead" from me. Not that you ever needed it, since
> I'm just a friggin' translator here. 
> I did mention I am upset. I should cool down for a day after each
> incident before replying to them, but this whole tendency just keeps
> frustrating me so!
> I have been playing in safer international text-based environs lately
> and was lulled into thinking I could be a little silly here if I worded
> it carefully and added a smiley. This incident makes me want to go back
> to being quiet again, since I don't want to face this feeling of being
> forced to defend myself and settle down indignant people whenever I open
> my mouth. 
> I'm not even alone in having a high treshold in saying something on
> mailing lists like this due to people who snap, flame, patronize and
> express grand indignance with as much as zero encouragement needed.
> Whether it's stupid questions and RTFMs or being too clever when you
> have an answer, it's too often wrong to someone who gets vocal about it.
> It's especially bad when it's the first experience someone has of a
> mailing list, or among very few.
> I encourage others to stand in to cool this kind of inflammations down
> before it gets out of hand, because especially earlier, I was certain I
> had done something wrong somehow, and that the proverbial everyone
> agreed with the flamer. Sympathy can be expressed off the list too if
> you're afraid of the flamer, which I've noticed saves you from
> potentially needing to respond to the flamer as well when they maybe go
> after you next. This seems to me a general problem, and a possible one
> reason why we don't see many girls in this line of work. We might be
> more inclined to think we somehow deserved the snap, and withdraw until
> we can figure out the completely illogical reason for it. Your mileage
> may vary.
> Respect thine neighbour. Honestly, if you can't love them, at least
> respect them. :)
Well, really, I don't know what happened here.. but I even don't know 
why I did offend you..

I'm really sorry if I said something wrong, I think you didn't like when 
I asked if I can use whatever I want..

So.. well, sorry again. I really didn't think that such a question could 
be so harmful, really Sini, forgive me and I'll try to care for what I 
say. Saanko anteeksi sitten?

Claudio M. Camacho

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