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[aclug-local] Re: Suggestions: Next Meeting

[aclug-local] Re: Suggestions: Next Meeting

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To: local@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: [aclug-local] Re: Suggestions: Next Meeting
From: "James G ." <jamesga@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 16:40:18 -0600
Reply-to: local@xxxxxxxxx

I am trying in different ways to explain the same thing. I think its 
pretty simple what I'm am trying to get across. Maybe its one of those 
things where it's so simple that it's hard (like swallowing when you have 
a sore throat).

Anyway, at the last meeting, I mentioned we should include a talk on how 
Linux boots up. Someone else (not me) translated that to mean I wanted to 
dissect the Linux kernel. No No No. Boot-up scripting steps is different 
then understanding the kernel. I feel I'm saying something simple and it 
gets miss translated somehow. The bottom line is: "How can we satisfy the 
beginner and expert at the same time without losing either."

Also.. by me saying we should narrow the focus away from core Linux stuff, 
I'm trying to stir up a reaction a little to get the comments going (not 
that that is what I want).

Your friend.....
James Galimi
(See you tonight)

On 2002.02.11 00:22 Jonathan Hall wrote:
> James,
>   It's kinda hard to understand what your complaint is... when it changes
> every 5 minutes.
>   Last week your problem was "We don't explain top, kill, and ps"
>   Yesterday your problem was "We don't talk about the kernel, so we
> shouldn't be a LINUX group"
>   Now your problem is "We need to draw the line between root/non-root."
>   What exactly is the PROBLEM you see with our group?  If you have a
> legitimate problem, I don't think anyone here would be unwilling to try
> to
> resole it.  

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