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Re: Suggestions: Next Meeting

Re: Suggestions: Next Meeting

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To: local@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Suggestions: Next Meeting
From: Michael Moore <mrmoore@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 21:11:38 -0600

Dale W Hodge wrote:

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>>Subject: Re: Suggestions: Next Meeting
>>It sounds like you didn't catch what I meant in my last email.
>>ACLUG seems to be oriented towards people past the beginner stage.
>>ACLUG people want to know what they can use GNU/Linux for instead of
>>knowing how to use GNU/Linux itself.
>I think you are totally out of sync with the real world here. Most of my 
>who are Windows users could care less how things work at the command line.  In
>fact they really object when I suggest they open a DOS box and fix something
>manually.  When they see me doing work in a bash shell, they ask if that's
>what's required to run Linux, because if it is, they don't want any part of it.
>I think this is typical of *most people* who have started using computers after
>Win95 came out.
>>But if only applications are covered (NOT GNU-command line OS stuff), we
>>assume that people are already familar with the OS of thier choice.
>>However, doing this leaves out people "new to GNU/Linux". "This" is the
>>problem. We could continue this way, but if we do... make sure people
>>understand this (not to say that this is a bad thing).
>But your premise is that 'newbies' want to know all that stuff. My guess is 
>'computer geeks' will care, the average user will not. So which group do you
>think we should cater to?
>>I personally would prefere covering "both" GNU/Linux "and" the
>>applications that run on it. This is what I see the argument is 100%
>>about. NO MORE complicated then that. But, I see covering "both" will not
>>happen as to not ward off the experts. Right? I think you are
>>mis-representing me. If I am wrong about this... please state the real
>>problem using just a few sentances as to limit mis-understandings.
>I don't think you are getting it. Everyone (including you) seems to think we
>need to make things more appealing to new users.  Then you turn around and want
>us to discuss the more technical stuff, which isn't really new user territory,
>Maybe the answer to this is to actually *ask new users* what they want to see.
>If they feel they need more of the basics, then we'll try to cover that better.
>And maybe the monthly lecture isn't the best forum for those topics. A more 
>ended group discussion would probably be a better way to aquaint new users to
>the command utilities.
>That's my $0.02 worth.
I have posted a lot of ideas and suggestions on the discussion list the 
last week and a half, probably far too many.  But, thats all they 
were....suggestions and ideas to get us thinking.

As far as what I would to see be covered in the meetings & 
presentations, as a new user it really doesn't matter to me.  I am happy 
learning as much about Linux as possible.  I fell in love with it the 
first time I installed it.  Any topics the group wises to cover is fine 
by me.  Since I am new I will get something from the discussion or 

There are so many things that I want to learn about Linux that almost 
any topics we cover will be helpful to me.

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