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Re: Suggestions: Next Meeting

Re: Suggestions: Next Meeting

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To: local@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Suggestions: Next Meeting
From: bbales <bbales@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 18:25:32 -0600
Reply-to: bbales@xxxxxxxxxxx

Your arguments don't make a lot of sense to me.  When I go to Best Buy and 
buy a box labeled "Linux," I get the kernel and lots of applications.  If I 
buy a book on linux, I get information on what I call Linux - an operating 
system and applications.  There has to be 100 books on Linux. but I've never 
seen one on just the kernel.

I think we (Aclug) want to concentrate on the topics we have been working on 
and those we listed on the board Wednesday.

We need to keep our best linux gurus interested in the organization and 
attract new people - both newbies and experts.  Most of the Linux gurus I 
have met are more than happy to help the newbies and intermediates and many 
are almost desciples for linux - eager to spread the word to the Microsoft 

By the way, I don't like this off-line list.


On Sunday 10 February 2002 05:27 pm, you wrote:
> It sounds like you didn't catch what I meant in my last email.
> ACLUG seems to be oriented towards people past the beginner stage.
> ACLUG people want to know what they can use GNU/Linux for instead of
> knowing how to use GNU/Linux itself.
> Linux itself is after all just a 16MB kernel and associated modules, no
> more, no less. Thats why I suggested ACLUG be called an "Open Source Users
> Group" so as not to miss lead people into believing it is just about the
> Linux kernel (and the GNU-command line). Gnome and KDE are both used in
> other operating systems. Python, Perl, Apache, Zope, MySql, NFS, PHP,
> StarOffice, Java, Sendmail are all used under other OS's besides
> GNU/Linux. In fact, ls, df, du, ps, cp, rm, mkdir, grep, tar are all used
> by other Unix's. The only thing that makes Linux unique is Linux itself
> (the kernel).
> But if only applications are covered (NOT GNU-command line OS stuff), we
> assume that people are already familar with the OS of thier choice.
> However, doing this leaves out people "new to GNU/Linux". "This" is the
> problem. We could continue this way, but if we do... make sure people
> understand this (not to say that this is a bad thing).
> I personally would prefere covering "both" GNU/Linux "and" the
> applications that run on it. This is what I see the argument is 100%
> about. NO MORE complicated then that. But, I see covering "both" will not
> happen as to not ward off the experts. Right? I think you are
> mis-representing me. If I am wrong about this... please state the real
> problem using just a few sentances as to limit mis-understandings.
> Also... you stated some applications only run under "Linux". Which apps
> are these?
> Doesn't Solaris support "Linux" applications?
> We are spliting hairs... but.. we should be truthful about what ACLUG is
> really about (whatever that is).
> James Galimi

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