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[linux-help] Re: Bad Memory Was: Bad Swap caused my new video card?

[linux-help] Re: Bad Memory Was: Bad Swap caused my new video card?

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To: linux-help@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: [linux-help] Re: Bad Memory Was: Bad Swap caused my new video card?
From: Clint Brubakken <cabrubak@xxxxxxx>
Date: 30 Jan 2003 09:13:24 -0600
Reply-to: linux-help@xxxxxxxxx

I tried to get it to work with both video cards enabled, and emetest86
still gave errors. I took out the vodoo and it works slow but study. HP
or more accuratley SIS just seems to suck. 

This vodoo card was working fine in a wintel dell box before I acquired

My suggestion would be never use a HP. In fact I want to get them to buy
a Penguin Computing workstation, something that just works when I get
it, so I can actually do my job effectively.

On Wed, 2003-01-29 at 17:14, James Lancaster wrote:
> On Wednesday 29 January 2003 10:01, you wrote:
> > On 28 Jan 2003, Jonathan Hall wrote:
> > > Since he's using memtest86 when he gets the errors, and memtest86
> > > doesn't use X Windows, then the answer is obviously yes--the errors DO
> > > occur when not using X.
> >
> > it happened last night, X was crashed and logging caused more kernel
> > errors. Also yesterday afternoon, the hard drive started clicking, and ls
> > would hang. I unmounted the hard drive and set it horizintal , and
> > that seemed to fix that, I doubt that would be caused by the video card,
> > but maybe something I did when trying to get the <explitive deleted> case
> > apart.
> >
> > > My suggestions, in no particular order:
> > >
> > > Run memtest86 with the old video card in place.
> >
> > There were to setting I changed when I dissables the onboard video: I xset
> > the VGA setting jumper (VEN_DIS) to disable, and the VGA interrupt
> > selection to disable, which from the mother board discriptions the second
> > should disable the "chipsets internal interrupt routing", I assume only
> > for the onboard video only.
> >
> Try reenabling that, (VGA interrupt) that is likely the cause. 
> I have a V3 2000 in a box (won't be able to see for a while (maybe a day or 
> more, though it is likely one of the smallest uptime boxes running linux, due 
> to moving it physically) 
> also try lspci -vvv (I think -vv is max but not sure) and see what interrupt 
> it has, and see if it is sharing it, and if the other video card is on there 
> (should be but disabled, at least with a similar setup on the system above))
> James L
> > > Run memtest86 with another video card in place (get a cheap/free one if
> > > you can)
> > > Test the RAM in another machine.
> > > Test the Voodoo 3 in another machine.
> > > Try RAM from another machine in that box.
> > > Check your BIOS settings.  Perhaps you can tweak your RAM and/or PCI
> > > timings.
> > >
> > > Other questions:  What motherboard are you using?  What chipset does it
> > > use?  What CPU and RAM configuration?
> >
> > I am using a ASUS PSS-VN  with a K6-2 550 , i AM USING TO 128mb crucial
> > brand dimms.
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Clint Brubakken <cabrubak@xxxxxxxxxx>
Programmer Analyst
Inetic Web Development
Black holes are where God divided by zero.

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