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[gopher] Re: Gopher server on shared host

[gopher] Re: Gopher server on shared host

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To: gopher@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [gopher] Re: Gopher server on shared host
From: Brandon Poder <xythonix@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 03 Apr 2008 20:31:19 -0500
Reply-to: gopher@xxxxxxxxxxxx

JumpJet Mailbox wrote:
> JumpJet runs on a Windows server (Port 70) at VPSLAND.  Have never had a 
> problem with the service.  In fact, because Gopher requires so few resources, 
> I deleteted huge chuncks of the Windows and Internet Tools "garbage" that 
> they give you for free to entice you to there service, and I got back several 
> hundred MB of disk space for Gopher file storage use.
> Brandon Poder <xythonix@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>   Cameron Kaiser wrote:
>>> Any recommendations for a Gopher server to run in a shared Linux hosting
>>> environment?
>>> We're on DreamHost PS (, so can run processes,
>>> but do not have root access. I've looked at some of the gopher servers on
>>> offer and a recommendation would be helpful. Thanks!
>> The primary problem you will have is running a process on port 70. If your
>> package allows you to bind port numbers that low through some sort of
>> trusted method, and you have your own IP, there should be no problem.
>> If you cannot bind port 70, you can still run a server on a high port
>> number such as 7070. How you would do this depends on the server package
>> you use. The primary issue there is that Mozilla is hardcoded to only use
>> port 70, part of the thing that OverbiteFF seeks to change (speaking of
>> which, there will be a new OverbiteFF release later tonight -- more shortly).
> I find it odd that you do not have root access on a shared host. I 
> currently run two separate VPS servers that are remotely hosted via Xen 
> that both allow full root access and all major ports and the ability for 
> multiple ip's for an extra dollar per month. I use VPS Land and NDC 
> Host both allowing full control over your VPS. The prices are 
> reasonable I actually prefer NDC host over VPS Land but I required two 
> separate servers for Python network development that would allow for 
> rapid data transmission between the two servers.
> Brandon
> ---------------------------------
> You rock. That's why Blockbuster's offering you one month of Blockbuster 
> Total Access, No Cost.
VPS Land is a great host!  Nick, Phil, and the rest of the support team 
are great I never used their Windows hosting option as it is my opinion 
that Microsuck infects your soul.  I just get a bigger bang for my buck 
at NDC Host for 20 gigs, over 11 distro's, and 3 IP's for $20.


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