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[Freeciv] New CivII-like tileset ready!

[Freeciv] New CivII-like tileset ready!

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To: "Marco Tarini" <tarini@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, <freeciv@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [Freeciv] New CivII-like tileset ready!
From: "Marco Tarini" <tarini@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 21:57:15 +0200
Reply-to: "Marco Tarini" <tarini@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

So, I've made that "exactly like civII" tileset. I started with the result
of the script of
Lino Mastrodomenico and than reedited/added images and specification files
it was nice enough and working with the latest (.12) version.

You can see screenshots at

Now, there's all that copyright problems about including Microprose
But, if you feel that you have the right to have that data (e.g. 'cos you
have a legal
copy of CIVII, or because you think that that's abhandonware since
is not selling it at the moment, or whatever) than you can download the
at  (it requires graphics from the
"misc/" and "trident/" tileset)

Unzip it in the freecivb "data" directory. Then  "civ2gfx.tileset" is the
new tileset,
while "civ2gfx_flags.tileset" is a variant uses flags instead of shields
(unlike civ2).

(my friend likes it because, being very well trained with the original civII
 it can recognize all units/terrains/etc faster and easier which is a big
advantage since
he does not see very well - he can focus on a little part of the screen at
each time)

Feel free to download it and comment or report bugs.

I'm not sure how that file can be added to the list of freeciv files on
freeciv website
(for the copyright problem).
While I'm quite sure that, in practical term, there would not be any
problem, and I would
like to let anyone use my new tilespec, I undestand that the freeciv website
follows a
(safer? wiser? more strict?) politic. If that is ok, for me it would be fine
to provide a small place
in the web, with a page sayng
"Do you have the right to download copyrighted civII graphics? [yes I do /
no, thanks]"
or something like that, and to let the tileset file download only if you
declare that you do.
That way the file would be outside the freeciv website, which would just
need to link to the
aforesaid page from its "download" page.


Notes on the two screenshots:

-the number 0 is an action screen: note that unit orders appear on the
shield (like civ2).
Staked units are visualized stacking their shields (for example, the english
ship has
a very aggressive content), again, following civ2 style. Units crests are
taken from
Falk Hueffner and Jeff Mallatt work (you still need the new tilespec files
for their
new placing)

-the screenshot number 1 is a city view. Production is shown as icons, like

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