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To: freeciv@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [Freeciv] PLEASE RESPOND URG.
From: "Mr. MUYIWA MUKOLA" <muyiwa99@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 16:09:22

Dear Sir,

I hope this contact will not surprise you. I am Mr Muyiwa
Mukola a brother to Catherine one of the wives of Jonas
Savimbi the leader of the UNITA movement in Angola, who was
killed on February 22nd. I got your name in the list of our
past international donors and supporters so l decided to 
look up your email address over the internet,which was my source
of your email address.

One week before he was killed l was designated to handle
and supervise the payment of $28million for supply of arms
and materials to UNITA movement. This sum, which came from
sale of diamons mine in the UNITA controlled province had been
deposited in cash with one of our cash deposits security companies
abroad waiting for collection by the arms potential seller.

This money was shipped in cash by a diplomatic courier to the finance
and security firm and kept in their safe deposit vault as personal 
effects.My aim of contacting you is to ask you for your assistance to
help me collect this money in your name while l give you $5million.
The procedure of claiming of this money is quite simple.We shall go to
the security company in Europe,I will present the deposite documentsand 
code and pin numbers while you will just present an invoice for the release
and transfer of the funds into your bank account at no risk whatsoeverto you or 

I have decided to convert this money for my personal use since our leaderis
dead. The faith of the UNITA movement is yet unknown so it will be unwisefor 
me to commit this money into the purshase of arms that might not be 
I am presently on exile in a close African country.

Your soonest positive response would be anticipated.
Best regards,


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