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[Freeciv] New CivII-like tileset ready!

[Freeciv] New CivII-like tileset ready!

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To: "Christian Knoke" <chrisk@xxxxxxxx>, <freeciv@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [Freeciv] New CivII-like tileset ready!
From: "Marco Tarini" <tarini@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2002 00:43:09 +0200
Reply-to: "Marco Tarini" <tarini@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Actually, Christian Knoke is right.
So, I followed Raimar Flake's suggestion and now civ2gfx is a script that
converts the copyrighted civ2 gifs into a tileset for free-civ. It runs
under windows and you can take it at the same place as before, that is
"" (screenshots still at

I guess that now it could be distributed directly in the freeciv website
(assuming that it is something useful).


(And yes, I try to put my pressure as citizen of a democratic country on the
"don't let WTO-like rules for copyright in Eurpe" issue. ;)

> If you "reedit/add" images of the original civ 2 tileset and redistribute
> them, you are still infringing international copyrights. You shouldn't do
> that.
> The Freeciv maintainers should *not* *at* *all* support this kind of
> action IMHO.
> Instead, go to your local representative, and talk him into efforts
> for *not* enforcing copyright laws in the EU e.g. [1]
> Christian
> [1] In case you live in a democratic country.
> > So, I've made that "exactly like civII" tileset...
> >

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