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[Freeciv-Dev] Re: client/server authentication (PR#1767)

[Freeciv-Dev] Re: client/server authentication (PR#1767)

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To: kaufman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [Freeciv-Dev] Re: client/server authentication (PR#1767)
From: "ChrisK@xxxxxxxx" <ChrisK@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 27 May 2003 13:36:56 -0700
Reply-to: rt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

On Tue, May 27, 2003 at 07:33:34AM -0700, Mike Kaufman wrote:
> here's version 6p of the auth patch.

I can't crash it anymore.

After sending the password, there is a delay of 1-2 seconds before it get
accepted (local). Is this necessary?

During this delay, it is easy, to send the password twice. Maybe you can
deactivate the next button until the server responds?

When I send the password twice like this, I got rejected with "wrong
password", even if the password is correct. The server complains:
1: chris's sending bad auth packets

When a client is rejected because of wrong password, the server says (first)
2: Connection request from chris from localhost
2: c4 has client version 1.14.1-devel
but, after the reject, says nothing, so you do not know that the client is

With wrong password the dialog says: "Your password is incorrect. Try again"
A better feedback was if there is the number of tries included e.g. (2/4)

Finally, I was lying. I can crash the client when I connect in the startup
phase of the server, when it is busy loading a savegame, with the well-known
1: Unexpected buffers in try_to_connect()
1: last message repeated 2 times
1: last message repeated 2 times (total 4 repeats)
1: last message repeated 4 times (total 8 repeats)
civclient: clinet.c:320: input_from_server: Assertion `fd ==
aconnection.sock' failed.
Abgebrochen (core dumped)
I also managed to get the client stuck (disconnected) with the enter
password dialog, whatever I enter or send, nothing happens, until I quit.

Two weeks ago I tried very hard to look into the code for this, and it
seemed to me that the network connection isn't closed properly.

Besides this, no complaints, sire.


Christian Knoke     * * *
* * * * * * * * *  Ceterum censeo Microsoft esse dividendum.

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