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[Freeciv-Dev] Wish list Items

[Freeciv-Dev] Wish list Items

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To: <freeciv-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [Freeciv-Dev] Wish list Items
From: "Steve Payne" <spayne@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2002 11:48:01 -0000

Hi there,
Thanks for maintaining an excellent version of Civ2!
In order to bring the windows version up to tournement spec I have the following wish list items. I run and would seek to use FreeCiv as our tournement version of Civ2 should the main points be addresed. (I am using windows 2000 on all machines with voodoo g/cards by the way)
I write one email as suggested by Jason Short:-
"24 items might be a lot for the primary maintainers to sort and catalog.
  So alternately, you can send a single e-mail containing the whole list
to freeciv-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx, and we (all the developers) can try to sort
things out from there."
So here goes - if any of these get done my sincere thanks. Also please bear in mind I feel FreeCiv is the future of CIv2 - I am not critising I just want to see the best version of civ2 get better! (and so some things in my opinion should fall into line with Civ2 multiplayer)
Top priority
1. Sounds are desperately required. I know this is coming, I mention it again here as revolts and building new wonders are being missed (in our speed games)
2. Doesn't allways choose the same unit in city build (if no production queue). Particularly frustrating when trying to build a ton of caravans to finish that wonder quickly.
3. Settler/engineer functions. If not possible (i.e irragate a river and no bridge building) then please have a pop up telling us. It can waste 3 secs or so retrying before we figure it out. 3 secs is a lot in a speed game.
The start of turn meesage box with its go to the city/map grid buttons is great! The following enhancements would make it superb.
4. Even if a user closes it - can we get it back please. Its a very useful tool for city management.
5. How about auto shrinking it once an itme has been selected. That way we can look at the main screen, for enemy movements and whittle down city maintenance.
6. An icon at the start of each line by type (i.e revolt, new item, wonder built) would speed up recognition of whats just happend.
7.  Make more a wonder being built. In our games each completion is a very significant event. (20 points, you cant build it anymore plus notification that that player has extra power). At least a global pop up box.
8. Happy unhappy people display. Not obvious enough. Make the happy look and unhappy look more extream. I.e. the happy are holding hand in light colours at the mo, the unhappy go a bit red and the really unhappy black (am I right?). It wasn't easy to manage. Faces would be better.
9. Granary. How about a visual bar, population growth is one of the most important things in Civ.
10. City display. Could we have the acutal amounts in a bigger font. I am used to a quick glance that gives an overview, at the moment its a bit of a squint.
11. After a govt collapse or a new govt is formed the tax rates are set strangely, could we pop up here so the player gets an instant review.
12. When  a new govt type is discovered Civ2 gives you the option to move into that govt immiediatley. Please could we do the same.
13. Leonards is now a bit weak. I would prefer the option to set it back to the original rule. The skilled player can get there first with a minimal military, knowing that the upgrade (probably from phalanxes to musketeers) is in the bag. Its a standard tactic.
14. Please stop explorers pillaging (they can't in Civ2).
15.  Barbarians. Could we have a message saying theyve landed (pause) - then see there attacks on our cities. It all happends too quickly at the moment.
16. Battles. I know sounds are on there way, but I feel a small bit of animation and auto centering on the screen (as a default) would make the whole thing more dramatic. I lost units quickly and only found out via the start of turn pop up. Ok but not exciting.
17. AI cities. When moving near a city it shows no units at home, when next to the city a flag pops up. Civ2 shows no flag when there really are no units in the city. Makes opportunist attacks easier.
18. In the left hand side the terrain box is shown. Could we show all terrain improvements like civ2? again this speeds up recognition of whats happend when units occupy the tile. (Quicker than view - remove units)
19. Output box ges all blurry from too many character overwrites at the start of a new turn. (May just be a windows problem)
20. Transports - do they get a movement of 10 in the standard game? Seems excessive.
21. When viewing intelligence in an embassy, could we show the cities (like civ2) - then we know how many more to capture.
22. Selecting which item for a city to build missfires from time to time, taking you to the bottom of the selection list. Annoying when in a hurry.
Nice to have
23. I've allways fancied a forced march option. To push your troops into an extra move, you can force march but it takes a random (small) amount of hit points away. (Brings out the Napoleon in me).
24. Top cities. How are these calculated? In civ2 the city with the most wonders is top.
25. Map generator. If generating rivers of one square, could we do it like Civ2? i.e. it looks obvious its small rivers petering out quickly. As is its confusing when irrigating early on in the game. (I.e. you can't and its not immediately obvious looking at the map).
Phew! Well thats all from me - you should get a thorough testing of the program from my club. I hope you dont mind the suggestions, we are all CIv addicts.

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