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[Freeciv] Re: FreeCiv and Call to Power?

[Freeciv] Re: FreeCiv and Call to Power?

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Subject: [Freeciv] Re: FreeCiv and Call to Power?
From: michael.hasselmann@xxxxxx
Date: Wed, 05 Jul 2000 14:05:49 +0200

Antti Salonen wrote:
> I don't see how changes in the turn system would make the game any heavier
> on memory or CPU. In fact, I don't think any of the details where Call to
> Power is better than FreeCiv are responsible for it being so bloated.
>   I just wanted to know if the design goal is set to be a Civ2 clone
> and/or substitute, or whether new games like Call to Power are looked for
> new ideas. I don't know how successful Call to Power has been commercially
> compared to the original Civ and Civ2, but it might be that in the future
> compability with the rules of Civ2 has little meaning for the majority of
> the users.
> -as

That's indeed something to be critisized: It can't be enough for Freeciv
and its community to just be/have another Civ2-Clone. Actually, Freeciv
has the potential to become the most played Civ ever: it's easy to
personalize (e.g., I prefer playing without world wonders and without
generator-mode 2 or 3), easily to use with add-ones (also it's never
going to have a "tactical combat"-mode - at least it seems so :-( -
shouts to Bobby ;-) and it's great to play on the internet. But
therefore, we need an idea how long-lasting games (2+ hours) can carried
out in a money-saving way: e.g., build up inet-connection at the end of
a turn for all neccessary information, then go offline -> this way needs
server-support, I suppose, like a cut-the-line-signal to the client and
another way of handling the move-units-sequence, perhaps like in CTP
(I've never played CTP in multiplayer, so I just rely on what arrived
via the mailing list)- and I, of course, have to use a provider which
units are counted in seconds with no additional dial-in costs ;-) -yeah
inet-gaming s...s; at least here in Germany :-(.
Also, someone mentioned a play-via-email-mode some time ago - maybe
someone has an idea how to realize that. It won't be fast enough, but it
could be similar to chess-via-email.
 As long as people like me have no flatrate-account they're going to
think twice whether to join or even start a game. Also, I can't stay for
hours in the pregame mode (for those who want to start a game: Please
use the Freeciv's announcement board on
 Anyway, Freeciv still needs all the support it can get -> set up
Freeciv-Servers on your LAN-Partys or wherever else! Once all the
Q3-Players have realized that Freeciv gives you a better kick (e.g., if
I play I forget everything around me, especially when thinking of a
strategy or when I'm forced to change it ;-) - and, yeah - I must admit:
when going for the counterstrike while your main island is layed under
siege   - I love "Fog of War" - it is sometimes even more action then I
can cope with - and I know what actions means, at least as a Q3-player
;-) they're going to "live, eat and sleep freeciv"!

Well, think about it - Michael <Dumb!Ass> Hasselmann.

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