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[freeciv-ai] general report about a single player game with 15 AIs

[freeciv-ai] general report about a single player game with 15 AIs

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Subject: [freeciv-ai] general report about a single player game with 15 AIs
From: Lo'oris <lo_oris@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2005 16:58:30 +0100

I played a single player game with 15 AIs, and this is a general report on how they did behave. I hope it will be useful (well Per said it could).

+++ PEACE +++
I played peacefully while every AI was doing war with at least 3 opponents. It was very easy not to do war, since they all asked for cease fire and peace treaty soon after they met me. Even if i was so inferior to them (no more than one lame defense unit, even in big cities) that they could crash me in 2 turns.

+++ TECH +++
First thing to be noted, is the tech level: i was far more advanced then any AI except one. I suppose that this is only partly caused by my peaceful status... and the main problems are tech exchanges. I could trade technology with every other player, let me set us an example:

i've met 8 AIs.
everybody discovers a new tech, so "in the world", there are 9 new techs.
i trade my new tech with everybody, asking their new tech.
now i have 9 new techs, and the others have got only 2 new techs.

I think that this is what happened, more or less: they do not exchange techs, if you do not propose it. And they do not propose it, so they exchange nothing or very little among themselves.

+++ ALLIANCE +++
It was already strange that everybody was willing to be in peace with me, even when i was weaker both in military and in science... but it was even more strange to see how easily they proposed alliances. I got something like at least one proposal per turn, from anybody. They were really eager to get more allies. Do they understand that the game is won by a single player? I think they don't.
I personally thought an alliance is a very important and dangerous thing, and i would not intend to be allied with more than one player at once. They instead created two great blocks of alliances, something "the axis and the allies". Sounds weird to me.

I very appreciated one thing in particular: i was preparing to do war to on an opponed that "peacefully colonized" my own island. So i created lots of units, fortifications, etc. They noticed this, and their attitude to me became "Uneasy". Unfortunatly they were not willing or not able to protect those cities, even if they had plenty of time.

+++ VARIETY +++
Unfortunatly i found it very frustrating to play a game with 15 opponents that thought exactly in the same way. I think that having different behaviours for different AI players, would be the most important improvement that freeciv could do.

i already wrote some of this things, in random order, in the forums

ps: i already posted some problems about they giving away everithing they had to gain some new tech, so i won't mention it again; it was (PR#12071)

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