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[FreeCiv-Java] Re: Build: jfreeciv FAILED to build

[FreeCiv-Java] Re: Build: jfreeciv FAILED to build

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To: "Ben Mazur" <bmazur@xxxxxxx>, "freeciv-java mailing list" <freeciv-java@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [FreeCiv-Java] Re: Build: jfreeciv FAILED to build
From: James R <bullwinkle@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 23:20:32 -0500

On Thursday 13 December 2001 03:34 pm, Ben Mazur wrote:

I think, given the current level of technical prowess to install the C 
freeciv client and server, that those interested in the java version would be 
capable and willing to upgrade to the 1.4 JRE.  I've had 1.3/1.4 compile 
problems too, and think the features of 1.4 are the upgrade.

I personally like the java 1.4 a lot better for various reasons and vote that 
we upgrade to 1.4 ASAP.

My $0.02

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