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[FreeCiv-Java] Re: Build: jfreeciv FAILED to build

[FreeCiv-Java] Re: Build: jfreeciv FAILED to build

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To: freeciv-java@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [FreeCiv-Java] Re: Build: jfreeciv FAILED to build
From: Gary Frederick <gary.frederick@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 10:10:29 -0600

What would be the impact of going with 1.4 to get things up and dealing with backward compatability later?


Brian Duff wrote:

wow, I didn't know that: I suppose it's a good thing for Java, but not
necessarily ideal for us :(

I still think we should move to 1.4, even at the possible expense of a few
potential users (er gamers) :). Maybe we should look into web start to make
it as easy as possible to install jfreeciv (I think web start can download /
install JREs for you...?)


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Subject: [FreeCiv-Java] Re: Build: jfreeciv FAILED to build

Brian Duff wrote:

Anyone who wants to use jfreeciv is going to have to be comfortable
installing a JRE. I don't think it matters to people too much which


There is only one problem. Some of vendors have preinstalled 1.3.1_01
with WindowsXP shippings. I don't know how many people this affects, but
I'm afraid that 1.3.1_01 can be a next 'standard' like 1.1.4 .


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