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[freeciv-ai] Re: Massive AI 5

[freeciv-ai] Re: Massive AI 5

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To: "Anthony J. Stuckey" <astuckey@xxxxxxxx>
Cc: "Per I. Mathisen" <per@xxxxxxxxxxx>, Raahul Kumar <raahul_da_man@xxxxxxxxx>, freeciv-ai@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [freeciv-ai] Re: Massive AI 5
From: "Ross W. Wetmore" <rwetmore@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2002 23:54:46 -0500

At 08:01 PM 02/11/12 -0600, Anthony J. Stuckey wrote:
>On Mon, Nov 11, 2002 at 12:46:41PM +0000, Per I. Mathisen wrote:
>> It gives diplomats enough gold to incite cities. Number chosen by lots of
>> trial and error. If we make AI diplomats go for techs first, we can lower
>> this number, which would be a good thing because it gives it more time for
>> science (less tax men mode).
>       Getting enough gold to incite cities should be done by evaluating the
>incite costs and expected gains, not by randomly storing a lot of gold and
>then looking for a place to use it.

Nonsense. Given the AI can't remember what its units were ordered to do 
last turn to complete the order this turn, having it decide to accumulate
a pile of gold after laborious in depth calculation will never work. This 
even if the conditions that were calculated remained moderately favorable 
until the gold was accumulated. 

Even as a human I would seldom use your strategy unless I had a wonking lot 
of caravans about to hit pay dirt on the next turn and a strong ulterior
motive for wanting a particular objective.

It is far more practical to stockpile resources on spec and use them when a 
worthwhile opportunity arises. The trick is to decide what size of stockpile
is needed and when or where to spend it in the presence of competing or
ongoing lesser demands on the resources.


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