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[linux-help] Re: Runlevels, and graphical logins

[linux-help] Re: Runlevels, and graphical logins

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To: linux-help@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: [linux-help] Re: Runlevels, and graphical logins
From: Jeff Vian <jvian10@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 06 Jun 2002 21:39:52 -0500
Reply-to: linux-help@xxxxxxxxx

Ivan Trail wrote:
> Well, Friends, I have come up with more info on my graphical login issue.
> The system is actually booting into runlevel 5.

1. Does X start correctly when you enter 'startx' from the command line????
If not, the runlevel config may be incorrect.

2. Have you tried booting to runlevel 3, then starting X to see if it 
will start there????

If X will start from runlevel 3 but not at boot from runlevel 5 then 
suspect some differences in the config in the /etc/rc.d/rc(3-5).d contents.

If X will not start in either runlevel then suspect a network 
configuration issue.

I have included at the bottom a copy of the listing of my 
/etc/rc.d/rc5.d and /etc/rc.d/rc3.d contents for the processes that are 
started/stopped when booting/switching to runlevel 5 or 3.

My system boots to runlevel 5 nicely and I have no problems at all.
This is the same setup I had on RH 7.2, and it carried over to RH 7.3

NOTE.  If your network is not properly configured, the xfs server will 
not start correctly. If the xfs server is not running X will be unable 
to start because it relies on network config to contact and communicate 
with the  xfs font server in order to start.
      network config includes loopback interface, nic, and the 
/etc/hosts file properly set up for your system. The /etc/hosts file 
MUST have the line for the localhost with the loopback address 
( and should have lines for any other ip address on the local 
system. Without the localhost entry X !!!!WILL FAIL!!!!.
      it also includes the /etc/host.conf file which should probably 
include the line 'order hosts, bind' so the system is looking for the 
configuration in the hosts file before it tries DNS.

> This would indicate that I need to edit runlevel 5 to include the graphical 
> startup.

No, you need to fix the X configuration. Runlevel 5 tries to start X if 
everything else is properly configured and should work if the xfs server 
is running correctly and the network is configured correctly

As yet you have never told us if X will start properly from the command 
line. THIS IS THE FIRST STEP.  Get X to run from the command line, then 
do the graphical boot. If X does not run from the command line you 
cannot expect it torun at boot.

> On some of the earlier RH systems I have had there was a runlevel editor, 
> Anyone know what it was?
> Or..
> Where to find the scoop on modifying runlevels, I have looked in the man 
> pages and I have found out how to switch, query, invert, corkscrew, and
> snaproll runlevels, but not how to modify them, am I not looking in the right 
> place?

NOTE: to change runlevel configs you can manually change the links in 
the /etc/rc.d/rc?.d directories.  A listing beginning with K will make 
sure this process is stopped (Killed) when entering the runlevel and one 
beginning with an S will be (Started) when entering the runlevel.
There are other tools for this, but I use the command line mostly.

I remember the runlevel editor on the start menu in RH 7.2 but had to 
look for it in RH 7.3
I found it by logging in as root, starting X, then opening the 'Start 
Here' window from the task bar (or desktop) icon.  It is the tool 
labeled 'service configuration' and does not show up when logged in as a 
regular user.

It is a graphical tool and is not available from the command line unless 
X is running.

> Thanks,
> Ivan
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$ ls /etc/rc.d/rc5.d
K03rhnsd       K35smb        K74ups        S20random      S80sendmail
K12mysqld      K45arpwatch   K92ipchains   S25netfs       S85gpm
K12postgresql  K45named      S05kudzu      S26apmd        S90crond
K15httpd       K50snmpd      S08ip6tables  S28autofs      S90xfs
K20nfs         K50snmptrapd  S10network    S40atd         S95anacron
K20rstatd      K50tux        S12syslog     S55sshd        S95seti
K20rusersd     K65identd     S13portmap    S56rawdevices  S98wine
K20rwalld      K74nscd       S14nfslock    S56xinetd      S99linuxconf
K20rwhod       K74ntpd       S17keytable   S60lpd         S99local

$ ls /etc/rc.d/rc3.d
K03rhnsd       K45arpwatch   K92ipchains   S26apmd        S90xfs
K12mysqld      K45named      S05kudzu      S28autofs      S95anacron
K12postgresql  K50snmpd      S08ip6tables  S40atd         S95seti
K15httpd       K50snmptrapd  S10network    S55sshd        S98wine
K20nfs         K50tux        S12syslog     S56rawdevices  S99linuxconf
K20rstatd      K65identd     S13portmap    S56xinetd      S99local
K20rusersd     K74nscd       S14nfslock    S60lpd
K20rwalld      K74ntpd       S17keytable   S80sendmail
K20rwhod       K74ups        S20random     S85gpm
K35smb         K86nfslock    S25netfs      S90crond

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