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[linux-help] programming a Linux server

[linux-help] programming a Linux server

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To: linux-help@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: [linux-help] programming a Linux server
From: John Reinke <jmreinke@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001 23:25:52 -0600
Reply-to: linux-help@xxxxxxxxx

I was wondering if anyone has found decent howtos or sample code for
servers (and clients). I need to write a Linux server in C/C++ to
communicate with a client via TCP/IP, and I need something to get me
started with establishing the connection, exchanging data (possibly in
large chunks or files), and designing a client/server protocol. I've not
found anything suitable so far on the web, but I'll continue to search.

I'm probably not quite ready to try to understand the sendmail or apache
source code yet...


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