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[linux-help] Installing Kernel 2.4 test

[linux-help] Installing Kernel 2.4 test

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To: linux-help@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: [linux-help] Installing Kernel 2.4 test
From: Patrick Klee <drwho@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2000 01:04:41 -0500
Reply-to: linux-help@xxxxxxxxx

Hi again,
    I found something really cool!  I found an RPM package of the 2.4
test kernel.  But, I have a question on how to install it.

I have 2.2.16-4.lfs, and installed the RPM using the following:

rpm -ivh --force kernel-2.2.16-4.lfs.i386.rpm

I also want to have the test 2.4 kernel on the same drive, so I can boot
back and forth, but when I issued that command for 2.2.16, it deleted my
old folder called: 2.2.14-5.0.

What command do I issue with RPM (4.0 by the way), without erasing my
2.2.16 directory?

I thought rpm -ivh <file>
and then write that in the lilo.conf with your favorite text editor.
(mine is pico ;-))

Any suggestions, comments and help would be GREATLY appriciated.


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