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[Freeciv] techinfo (was: nations + feeling)

[Freeciv] techinfo (was: nations + feeling)

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To: <freeciv@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [Freeciv] techinfo (was: nations + feeling)
From: Torben Schulz <torben@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2001 22:24:18 +0100

hi all,

> I'd like to suggest that any new technology popups also show what units or
> city improvements are now available.  That's what I remember from Civ I.

yes, good idea. i think we can get this info from the civiliopedia. 

> > I've talked to my good friend, and we'd both like to have a go at creating
> > graphics for the different sciences, and a little historical blurb for each
> > of them (we're the authors of NeoTrident btw).

i'll create the managesment homepage on saturday evening. everyone
who likes to contribue some texts and graphic, should enter his name
there and the name of the tech he works on. just to make sure, that only
one person (or a small group) works on one tech.

bye torben

Torben Schulz <torben@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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