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[Freeciv] Re: Cannot run civclient... (PR#640)

[Freeciv] Re: Cannot run civclient... (PR#640)

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To: Gaute B Strokkenes <gs234@xxxxxxxxx>
Cc: nbogucki@xxxxxx, freeciv@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [Freeciv] Re: Cannot run civclient... (PR#640)
From: Guillaume Cottenceau <gc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 12 Jan 2001 18:50:20 +0100

Gaute B Strokkenes <gs234@xxxxxxxxx> writes:


> > That's me -- but I doubt it could produce anything valuable with
> > freeciv compiled without "-g" and with "-fomit-frame-pointer"..
> Gack!  IMHO one should always compile with -g.  It doesn't change the
> output from the compiler other than the addition of debugging info,
> which you will typically strip on installation.

So what's the point of having them if at installation you remove them??

Guillaume Cottenceau -

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