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[Freeciv] Re: [Freeciv-Dev] Re: Re: Fascism patch

[Freeciv] Re: [Freeciv-Dev] Re: Re: Fascism patch

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To: Martin Horsch <horsch@xxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: "freeciv@xxxxxxxxxxx" <freeciv@xxxxxxxxxxx>, freeciv-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx, Patrick Schmid <patrick@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [Freeciv] Re: [Freeciv-Dev] Re: Re: Fascism patch
From: Tomasz Wegrzanowski <maniek@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2000 12:14:42 +0200

On Sat, Jul 29, 2000 at 10:49:24AM +0200, Martin Horsch wrote:
> > Sorry, but Nazi claimed to be left-winged.
> > Don't believe SPD propaganda.
> That's false. Why do you think the first thing they did was burn the
> Reichstag and blame the communists for it?

And who was better to blame ?
This was most believable version.

> Why did they forbid all
> left-winged newspapers? Then, you should consider socialists were sent
> to the KZ.

So easily confused by Nazi propaganda ...
Ok, Nazi fought with Commies.
But Russian Commies fought with Chinese Commies, and
were one of them right-winged and second left-winged ?

Totalitarians always try to show how they differ from each other,
but Nazi WERE socialists, and have never denied it.

They fought against Commies because they were potentially dangerous opposition.
It has nothing to do with ideology, as both their ideologies were
the same in essence.

> > That's exactly EU position in EU-expand negotiations.
> > Is EU fascist country IYO ???
> Hitler *never* mentioned foreign workers taking away the Germans' jobs
> (simply because there was such a little number of them), only the
> Jewish, who weren't foreigners btw.

Jewih, immigrants, what's the diffrence ?
Enemy is someone DIFFERENT in your country.
Especially, ethnically different.

> Most EU countries are governed by the neoliberalists presently. I don't
> reccomend comparing them with fascists. I think Poland will become a
> member soon, only the Union has to undergo several changes regarding
> its interior structures (eg. majority decisions instead of consensus).

Are they so liberal ?
Agree, they are usually less leftish than decade or two before,
but they are still :

nationalist :
  how many foreigners can get .EU passport per year per EU citizen ?
  compare it with .AU or .CA

socialist :
  In most EU countries, state took over : education, health system,
  roads, alcohol, drugs, agriculture, mining, fishery, weapons,
  cross-border communication, post offices, rail transport,
  radio broadcast, building, energy production, air transport,
  car making, food processing, security, and much much more
  In some of EU states, you can't even have shop open after 8 pm,
  and most workers are paid by group aggrements.
  And budget is some 40-50% of GNP.
  All for socialist redistribution.

Stiil don't see ?
I don't claim they are similar to what real Nazi did (Holocaust and such)
I claim that their ideology is largely compatible.

> > So, Germans are so well informed ...
> > How much of Germans could say of their heads number of people died in
> > WWII and Holocaust with accuracy +- 10% ???
> In Germany we learn during the holocaust six million people were killed.
> I don't know the entire number. It 's larger of course, because it
> includes military victims and the people killed by the stalinists.
> Fascism (=Mussolini) and national socialism are not the same. Fascism
> does not mean antisemitism, for instance.

Antiseminism was some form of anti-immigracy only.
Most EU-socialists are more or less anti-immigracy.

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