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RE: [Freeciv] Caravan Problem?

RE: [Freeciv] Caravan Problem?

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To: <wegster@xxxxxxxxxxxx>, <freeciv@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: RE: [Freeciv] Caravan Problem?
From: "Todd Goodman" <tsg1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 6 Jan 1999 12:22:42 -0500

Don't select the city for the goto.  Stop the caravan one square outside
the city.  Then when you manually move it into the city it should ask
you if you want to help build the wonder or establish a trade route
(if the city is building a wonder or meets the rules for a trade


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Subject: [Freeciv] Caravan Problem?

Hey all,
        Just started playing FreeCiv on Linux after playing Civilization for a
while in the past, and seem to be having a problem with caravans- I
select a caravan and 'goto' a city building a wonder, but then have no
way to make it help build the wonder, or establish a trade route for
other cities.  Looked through the README, HOWTOPLAY, and online docs,
there something I'm missing here?  Orders menu doesn't show an option
for either, so is this now a 'hidden command'?  FreeCiv ver is 1.7.2,
running on RH Linux 5.2 mostly standard.  Thanks in Advance!

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