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[freeciv-data] Fascism government-only patch

[freeciv-data] Fascism government-only patch

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To: freeciv-data@xxxxxxxxxxx, jjm@xxxxxxxxxxxx, Juan Cortes <cortes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [freeciv-data] Fascism government-only patch
From: Reed Meyer <rdm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2000 20:16:01 -0400 (EDT)
Reply-to: freeciv-data@xxxxxxxxxxx

Here's an extraction from the more-general "fascism" patch posted earlier,
which contains only the code for adding a Fascism GOVERNMENT TYPE.  I will
also shortly post an extraction which adds the "fascism" new UNITS AND
     There is little in this patch that could be considered inflammatory
(based on previous discussions), considering that fascism was an important
government type in history.  At least three European nations had fascist
governments in their history, and several other nations throughout the
world have had governments with fascist tendencies.  The main exception is
the use of the Nazi swastika symbol for the fascist government type, which
we will have to change if this government type is approved for inclusion
into the main freeciv distribution.  Please bear with that swastika
symbol for the time being.  Juan Cortes and I aren't going to
design a new fascism symbol until it's clear that the fascism government
type would otherwise be accepted. 
     Also, please note that this government type was designed under
freeciv 1.10, BEFORE Reputation/treaties/etc. had begun to be implemented.  
I want to ultimately incorporate Reputation/etc. restrictions on Fascism
in a final version.  Please see discussion on the "fascism patch" topic in
[Freeciv-Dev] for possibilities as to how Reputation/etc. penalties will
be implemented.  Please do also post your own ideas, of course.  I still
consider Fascism (the government type) very much a work in progress.  The
one feature that is "etched in stone" is the defining feature of Fascism
in freeciv game terms, the +1 resource per tile bonus (for squares already
generating at least 1 resource).
     Alright, so here's the government definition, consisting of a bunch
of patches to the necessary files in the data directory.  The attached
file "small.xpm" is for the government symbol.   Again, please realize
that the swastika symbol in small.xpm would be changed later (it's just
there as a "place holder" if you wish to try out the patch and the game
balks if it can't find a fascism symbol).

---Reed Meyer

    Fri May 12 21:16:49 2000
+++ data/default/governments.ruleset    Tue Jul 25 20:28:17 2000
@@ -546,3 +546,93 @@
  Democratic civilizations cannot be bribed, and Democratic cities\
  cannot be incited to revolt by enemy Diplomats and Spies.\
+name        = _("Fascism")
+tech_req    = "Fascism"
+graphic     = "gov.fascism"
+graphic_alt = "-"
+flags       = "Build_Veteran_Diplomats", "Inspires_Partisans", "Unbribable"
+hints       = "Favors_Growth"
+subgoal     = "Democracy"
+martial_law_max  = 100
+martial_law_per  = 1
+max_single_rate  = 80
+civil_war_chance = 50
+empire_size_mod  = -2
+empire_size_inc  = 0
+rapture_size     = 3
+unit_unhappy_factor = 1
+unit_shield_factor  = 1
+unit_food_factor    = 2
+unit_gold_factor    = 1
+unit_free_unhappy = 1
+unit_free_shield  = 0
+unit_free_food    = 0
+unit_free_gold    = 0
+corruption_level           = 0
+corruption_modifier        = 1
+corruption_fixed_distance  = 0
+corruption_distance_factor = 0
+corruption_extra_distance  = 0
+production_trade_bonus    = 0, 1
+production_shield_bonus   = 1, 1
+production_food_bonus     = 0, 0
+production_trade_penalty  = 0, 0
+production_shield_penalty = 0, 0
+production_food_penalty   = 0, 0
+ruler_male_title = _("Führer")
+ruler_female_title = _("Führerin")
+helptext = _("\
+A Fascist society is highly regimented and nationalistic.\
+ The ruler has absolute power.  The citizens believe strongly\
+ in the state.  A Fascist government promotes a highly efficient,\
+ resourceful society.\
+This increased productivity translates into a bonus of 1 shield\
+ for each square that already produces at least one shield.\
+Under Fascism there is no corruption; the state police (Gestapo)\
+ prevents this.\
+Settlers consume 2 food per turn.\
+If a city governed by Fascism is celebrating, it will receive a\
+ bonus of 1 trade in each square which already produces at least 1\
+ trade.  See Happiness for details.\
+Diplomats and Spies created under Fascism are always veterans.\
+ Citizens are ultra-nationalistic, so Fascist cities cannot be\
+ incited to revolt by enemy Diplomats and Spies, and military\
+ units cannot be bribed.\
+Each military unit in a city turns one unhappy citizen content.\
+ There is no limit to how many unhappy citizens can be made content\
+ in this manner.\
+Under Fascism, military units require 1 production shield each for\
+ for upkeep.  In addition, the following units are considered\
+ aggressive units:\
+- units with an attack strength greater than 0 which are not\
+ inside a city or inside a fortress within 3 squares of a friendly\
+ city\
+- air units (including missiles and helicopters) and sea units\
+ with an attack strength greater than 0, regardless of their\
+ location\
+The citizens of a city will tolerate 1 aggressive unit; subsequent\
+ units will generate 1 unhappy citizen each.\ 
--- /data/dept/cortes/freecivnew/freeciv-1.11.0/data/misc/small.spec    Tue Sep 
28 11:02:37 1999
+++ data/misc/small.spec        Sun Jul 23 20:21:24 2000
@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@
 artists = "
     Alexandre Beraud <a_beraud@xxxxxxxx>
+    Juan Cortes <cortes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (Nazi symbol)
@@ -69,4 +70,5 @@
 ; Right arrow icon:
   0, 30, "s.right_arrow"
+  0, 31, "gov.fascism"

-- Binary/unsupported file stripped by Listar --
-- Type: APPLICATION/octet-stream
-- File: small.xpm.gz

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