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[aclug-L] Sunday only:free stuffs or very cheap price

[aclug-L] Sunday only:free stuffs or very cheap price

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To: discussion@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: [aclug-L] Sunday only:free stuffs or very cheap price
From: "Maverick Ven-Han, Ieong" <mluvw47@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 15:54:44 -0500
Reply-to: discussion@xxxxxxxxx

Hi,  all ACLUG members,

     Since I am moving,  I got the following item gonna give away or sell it
very cheap price,

    15" monitor, 387DX machine with 500M HD+ network card, fully configure
Redhat 6.0 for cable modem.
    free Linux Jonural, (issue  1999  to latest)
    free coxal cables, with T terminator.
    $5 each  ISA NE2000 network cards (brand new)
    Heavy duty computer table.
    Desktop Table lamps
    Computer table
    Redhat Linux 5.0, 5.1 still with the box
    video cards..
    Computer chairs...
     Don't miss it....., ask for the free stuffs,
     Lot of stuffs.....................and one time and the last time only.

   Best time stop by:
   May 21st, Sunday, 1:00pm - 5:00pm, since I have an open house walk in
   Address: 7650 E 32st N. Apt#406   (Behind the Holiday Inn express)
                  Wichita, KS67226
   My phone number: (316)636-2954

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