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RE: [aclug-L] internet usage

RE: [aclug-L] internet usage

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To: "'aclug-L@xxxxxxxxxxxx'" <aclug-L@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: RE: [aclug-L] internet usage
From: "Frost, Keith A" <Keith.Frost@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 1998 11:12:40 -0500
Reply-to: aclug-L@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Write down any settings you have when you start

        > to set up a ppp conection with redhat or caldera one method is
to use the
        > netcfg tool.
        > i have netcfg 2.10 which is redistributable under gnu general
        > license.
        > from an xterm or within your menus run netcfg
        > when the gui first comes up there are four buttons: NAMES,
        > INTERFACES, and  ROUTING.
        > we'll go lefdt to right and start with NAMES.
        > in the host names field i have localhost
        > in nameserver field i have:
        > these are for kansas so use what ever is correct
for your
        > service provider.
        > next goto host screen.  i only have one listing
        >       IP              NAME
        >         localhost
        > most of what needs to be dones is in the INTERFACES screen.
there was
        > already one listing givenwhich is part of the host screen.
        > lo  no      yes     active
        > look familiar?
        > goto the bottom of the window and click the add botton.
        > a seperate smaller window will appear asking for interface
type, click
        > PPP and OK.
        > that window will disappear and a new one will replace it.
        > here you will enter your service provider's phone number, your
login and
        > password.  no examples here, sorry.
        > enter these fields and click COSTOMIZE.
        > once again the previous window will disappear and a new one
will replace
        > it.  use this to further edit the ppp interface.
        > start with the HARDWARE screen.
        > select                HARDWARE FLOW CONTROL
        > select                ESCAPE CONTROL CHARACTERS
        > select                ABORT ON WELL KNOWN ERRORS
        > i have LINE SPEED set to 11520, i beleive that this is a max
because my
        > modem won't do 11520 in it's best dreams.
        > MODEM PORT is set to /dev/modem.  if your modem is not
detected when you
        > make your connection then you need to set a link from the real
        > to  /dev/modem, so that it can find it.  i had this problem
seting up
        > caldera's demo disk at home.
        > COMMUNICATION screen is next.
        > MODEM INIT STRING             ATZ
        > MODEM DIAL COMMAND            ATDT
        > PHONE NUMBER                  3370197 (for use
what ever is correct for
        > your provider).
        > NETWORK screen and your almost done.
        > optional              ACTIVATE AT BOOT
        > SELECT                        SET DEFAULT ROUTE WHEN MAKING
        > SELECT                        RESTART PPP WHEN CONNECTION
        >       MRU     1500
        > INFREQUENTLY USED OPTIONS are not used, and should be left
        > click DONE
        > and SAVE.
        > GO BACK TO interfaces select PPPo and then click ACTIVATE at
the bottom
        > of the screen.
        >               KA BOOM or rather beep beep bop beep ring
        > if this does not work check which distribution and release you
have on
        > some cd sets some scripts were left off, and must be down
loaded from
        > that dist's home page this was the case with caldera lite 1.1,
but my
        > redhat 4.0 worked with out a hitch(ya i know catch up and get
with the
        > program, but hey it works).
        > if i've left off a step let me know and i'll back track and
see what i
        > left off
        > -- 
        > KEITH FROST
        > phrostie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
        > Oh I have slipped the surly bonds of DOS
        > And danced the skies on LINUX silvered wings.

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