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[linux-help] Re: archiving VHS on DVD

[linux-help] Re: archiving VHS on DVD

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To: linux-help@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: [linux-help] Re: archiving VHS on DVD
From: jlweaver <jlweaver@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 11:34:04 -0500
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A recent discussion of this subject was held on on 8/13/2004   
One of the items of concern was the lack of a fast enough computer with 
a large _*fast hard drive.*_

Do not try to burn a dvd by direct means.  Record VHS to hard drive and 
burn the dvd from the hard drive.  Hope this helps.
gLaNDix (Jesse Kaufman) wrote:

>anyone have experience archiving VHS tapes onto DVDs?  i have a ton of old 
>home movies from my mom (and soon my gf's mom) that she wants archived on 
>DVD ... i have all the equipment (ATI AIW 9600 non-pro, Hauppage WinTV-Radio, 
>DVD+/-RW, VCR :P) i need, but haven't been very satisfied with the results so 
>far ...
>(note: yes, i do realize the AIW capture capabilities don't work in linux .. i 
>was initially using the software that came with the AIW in XP to try to 
>capture, but ran into some problems, see below)
>i've been really pleased with (gasp) the windows software that came with my 
>AIW for authoring DVDs (menus, titles, etc), but whenever i captured from the 
>VCR, the picture was either choppy (from too many frames dropped when using 
>higher res) or it was "blotchy" (when using the lower res) ... i figured, 
>since my home theatre is run by linux, that i could probably get better 
>captures in linux because of better performance, stability, etc, but i'm not 
>completely sure where to begin capturing in linux ... 
>at this point, i would like to capture the videos in linux, then take them 
>into XP and use the software (can't recall the name) to put them all together 
>on a DVD and burn ... i'd like to get the videos as close as possible to the 
>original quality so they can be enjoyed at their current quality level before 
>they deteriorate anymore!
>one of the biggest questions i have is what the optimum resolution would be 
>for capturing ... obviously a dvd resolution will be higher than the original 
>vhs, so i'm not sure which to capture at to prevent too much scaling or image 
>quality loss when playing back on a set-top DVD player ...
>suggestions?  tips?  all are appreciated!
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