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[linux-help] Re: FW: Purchase Linux CD

[linux-help] Re: FW: Purchase Linux CD

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To: linux-help@xxxxxxxxx
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Subject: [linux-help] Re: FW: Purchase Linux CD
From: Randy Reames <randy@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 21:29:18 -0600
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A short while ago Dale W Hodge wrote:
> Anyone want to tackle this question? Please make sure you CC the original
> poster.

Introduction to Linux and

This is a good book. For newbies and Gurus alike.

If you have a high speed internet connection and access to a cd-burner
this is a one-stop iso spot.

Another very useful online Linux resource besides most anything ending
in .org 8) is Google's linux section.

Good Luck

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Danny Santanu [mailto:dxsantanu@xxxxxxxxxxx]
> Sent: Sunday, February 17, 2002 3:53 PM
> To: dwh@xxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Purchase Linux CD
> Hi Dale,
> My name is Danny Santanu.
> I am WSU student, and I am interested with Linux.
> I need your help to get the Linux cds.
> There are quite a lot different kind of Linux, such as Red Hat, Debian,
> Mandrake, etc.
> What is the different among those version.
> I'm a newbie, so can you give me recommendation which version that should I
> use.
> Thank you for your help.
> Danny Santnau

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