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[gopher] Re: Gopherness

[gopher] Re: Gopherness

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To: gopher@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [gopher] Re: Gopherness
From: Jay Nemrow <jnemrow@xxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 19 Jul 2008 21:36:31 -0600
Reply-to: gopher@xxxxxxxxxxxx

I look at it this way:

With terabyte hard drives, I can put up every shred of gopher content 
ever produced and much, much more.

With multi-core processors, I can serve millions of gopher clients at 
the same time.

The future is bright!

Jay Nemrow
Quasi-Indefatigable Xenolith
gopher://  telnet://  (okay have a bit of
Dial-in QuIX Gopher 1(575)461-0077
email: jnemrow@xxxxxxx

Matthew Holevinski wrote:

>To Jay:
>May I quote you?
>"  This is what happens when how something
>looks is much more important than content.  The modern world-wide-web is
>increasingly content-free, more a springboard for advertisements and
>snappy graphics or a cool interface. "
>/me bows in humbleness
>I couldn't of said it better myself. I have reached the limit of my
>tolerance for all things
>Googlesque, and increasingly corporate websites that have absolutely
>no reason for
>existence or better ones life 1 iota. Google must have the absolute
>worst search engine
>in the world. I believe I read this one article by a fella who listed
>100 search engines I'd
>never even heard of before and listed reasons why each one was better,
>and after browsing
>like 50 or so, I agreed on each note. Everything has become too
>convenient, and coming from
>and IT background when you try to make things convenient or
>over-simplify software or resources
>"like" Google, all you get is crap. So far I think I've only tried to
>use Veronica once, and had no luck
>finding 1 topic I searched for. But not knowing anything about
>Veronica, and how it searches or how
>a CSO operates, probably leads me to believe, that as of right now
>Veronica is probably > me, and
>being that I can Google just about anything (all completely
>non-related to what I search for), logic
>leads me to believe Veronica > me > Google. I don't know how that is
>relevant, but I think
>what I'm getting at is the content thing. What little gopher material
>that is out there is all probably
>more content packed than anything you will find using a website like Google.
>Is something I think I like, where can I get a t-shirt or ball cap. I
>don't want to be labeled as one of
>those guys that wants to say gopher is better than everything else,
>and wants to keep it for myself.
>Which some days I am admittedly, but when you remember typing
>uploading html 1.0 compliant
>websites that you worked hard on all by yourself, now everyone has a
>website with absolutely nothing
>of any worth or value. Gopherness should remind people of simpler
>times when data was fed to you in
>text, small, quick, and efficient. If your attention span wasn't long
>enough to read a 20 page dissertation
>on George Washington's toenails, well then that was your loss. I don't
>know if they exist but if I could find
>or create a Gopher portal, that I could use to retrieve information I
>was looking for, like sports scores I believe
>was mentioned, or local weather forecasts, local events, or hell maybe
>even a Gopher Conference news board.
>Now that we are seeing machines with 4 processors each having 8 cores,
>and 16 gigs of ram or whatever, it's
>a shame it takes every bit of that to run say a simple web browser
>which can easily take up a couple hundred
>megs of memory at any given time depending on amount of tabs. I miss
>the days of small footprints, streamlined
>code, miniature applications, sleek and yet elegant information served
>up quickly. Where have those days gone?
>I can't take another banner ad, another pop up window, or another
>voice-enabled flash advertisement telling I've won
>not 1 but 2 free ipod nano's.
>Ohh, and hey Cam, what are the details on that Vintage Festival, I
>think that would be a blast.
>Matthew Holevinski

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