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[gopher] Re: Gopherness

[gopher] Re: Gopherness

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To: gopher@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [gopher] Re: Gopherness
From: Cameron Kaiser <spectre@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 19 Jul 2008 11:02:11 -0700 (PDT)
Reply-to: gopher@xxxxxxxxxxxx

> So far I think I've only tried to use Veronica once, and had no luck
> finding 1 topic I searched for. But not knowing anything about
> Veronica, and how it searches or how a CSO operates, probably leads me to
> believe, that as of right now Veronica is probably > me, and

Part of that is just that there aren't the breadth of resources out there,
another part being that Veronica-2 is not full text (neither was the original
Veronica, fwiw), and the other part being that I'm still improving the logic
from time to time. The full text portion may change in the future, but not
imminently, and obviously the first and probably most relevant part is entirely
dependent on people populating Gopher with what they're interested in. :)

> Ohh, and hey Cam, what are the details on that Vintage Festival, I
> think that would be a blast.

It's usually the first weekend in November, at the Computer History Museum
in Mountain View, CA. Watch for details. I'll have to poke
Sellam to let me make the official VCF gopher site. :)

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