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[Freeciv-Dev] Re: (PR#9798) PATCH assign_continent_number_count size of

[Freeciv-Dev] Re: (PR#9798) PATCH assign_continent_number_count size of

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To: mburda@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: [Freeciv-Dev] Re: (PR#9798) PATCH assign_continent_number_count size of continents
From: "Jason Short" <jdorje@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2004 05:48:36 -0700
Reply-to: rt@xxxxxxxxxxx

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Marcelo Burda wrote:
> <URL: >
> Le lun 30/08/2004 à 06:41, Jason Short a écrit :
>><URL: >
>>Marcelo Burda wrote:
>>>Yes , but you can assume if size is less than 8, this as no ilse inside,
>>>if size is less the 10 this can have a tiny 1x1 isle iside, that is ok
>>>for your code, you not need to count any else exept size, for biger
>>>inside lacs, maybe this work is to be done in generator
>>You can easily have a lake of size 3 with one tile inside, on the corner 
>>of a topology0 map.
> Wrong, you forget this is near a singularity, and there is only sea or
> polar strip.

Not in scenarios.  You shouldn't make any assumptions about what land 
goes where in maphand.  You can in mapgen, since it's the one doing the 
generating.  Good thing assign_continent_numbers is in maphand now...


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