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[freeciv-data] Re: serbian ruleset

[freeciv-data] Re: serbian ruleset

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To: <freeciv-data@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [freeciv-data] Re: serbian ruleset
From: "Per I. Mathisen" <Per.Inge.Mathisen@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2002 17:07:53 +0200 (MEST)
Reply-to: freeciv-data@xxxxxxxxxxx

On Sun, 28 Apr 2002, Uros Lepota wrote:
>     hello.. may send my serbian ruleset..and how can i manage that rulese=
> t to be
> included in main freeciv archives? i'm history entusiast, and there is no=
> problem of relevancy :) =

Post a unified diff of the new ruleset file to this list, or, if you don't
know how to do that, just post the entire nation here.


Ask not what you can do for your country
Ask what your country did to you
 -- KMFDM, Dogma

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