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[freeciv-data] Re: Draft for a new logo

[freeciv-data] Re: Draft for a new logo

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Subject: [freeciv-data] Re: Draft for a new logo
From: Jeff Mallatt <jjm@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 15 Jul 2000 11:35:54 -0400
Reply-to: freeciv-data@xxxxxxxxxxx

At 2000/07/15 11:27 , Mathias Hasselmann wrote:
>Since I do not like the old FreeCiv logo I thought about a new one.
>A draft of it can be found at
>I'd like to hear your opinions!

Looks real nice.  Three things: 1. "Freeciv" is spelled with a lower-case
"c". 2. The "civs should be free" text is drawn on the main window at
run-time (so it can be internationalized). 3. Could it be sized to 510 by
300 (to fit the current window area)?


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