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[freeciv-ai] (PR#10216) AI Builds Too Many Transports

[freeciv-ai] (PR#10216) AI Builds Too Many Transports

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To: badamson@xxxxxxxxxxx, dj67@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [freeciv-ai] (PR#10216) AI Builds Too Many Transports
From: "Jason Short" <jdorje@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2004 12:04:25 -0700
Reply-to: rt@xxxxxxxxxxx

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> [badamson@xxxxxxxxxxx - Wed Oct 06 20:31:33 2004]:
> Gregory Berkolaiko wrote:
> ...
> > We should manage the boat building on 
> > the centralized level.  This will allow k_s_w not care about actually 
> > finding a boat, if it really wants a boat, one would be found/built for 
> > it.  It would take take some time to make this system robust, but it is 
> > the way forward I feel.
> I tend to agree.
> FWIW, I've attached my alterations as two patches. The first is for 
> alterations to advmilitary.c and fixes the bug, at the cost of extra CPU 
> time because of the increase in PF use. The second is commentary and 
> assertions I added in various places while trying to understand what was 
> happening.

I know very little about this code.  However this needs to be fixed. 
Greg, unless you can do something with the PR#8992 patch I think we need
to go with the patch in this ticket.


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