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[aclug-L] FW: Lanparty on 10/05/2002

[aclug-L] FW: Lanparty on 10/05/2002

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Subject: [aclug-L] FW: Lanparty on 10/05/2002
From: "Jason Klein" <jklein@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2002 20:11:40 -0500 (CDT)
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More people complained because we didn't post our LAN party info to the
ACLUG discussion list and they missed our last LAN...  ARGH!

People will complain because we are posting our LAN party info to the
ACLUG discussion list and they could care less about our next LAN... GRRR!

Hope to see you there!


Jason Klein
Datility Networks, Inc.

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From: Jason Klein [mailto:jklein@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
Subject: Lanparty on 10/05/2002

Hey People --

Want to come to the next LAN party hosted at Datility Networks?  The party
is on Saturday October 5th (10/05/02) at 5 PM.  Check out details on the
site. You are welcome to forward this message to others who might be
interested. Don?t worry if you aren?t any good at gaming... it?s still a

YOU MUST SIGN UP ONLINE!  Since this is an open invite, we want to know
how many people are actually coming so that we have enough tables and all
that.  If you sign up and your name does not show up on the list, be sure
that you read the confirmation email that we send you.

Anyone who can follow the rules is welcome to attend.  You can forward
this invitation to anyone you know who may be interested in the LAN party.
We have plenty of space for everyone.  We prefer that folks who come to
the party bring a computer with them.  No age limit, no alcohol.  Your
parents are welcome to call us or visit or whatever it takes for them to
find out that we aren?t psycho.

Customers hosting in the Datility Networks data center can be assured that
equipment areas will be secured and remain off-limits to attendees during
the LAN party.  Private tours are not available during the event.

It's not about the gaming... it's about the party!

Jason & Lenny

Datility Lan Party

* The LAN party mailing is sent out before to anyone who has signed up for
the LAN party in the past.  This mailing is also posted to a mailing list
over at as per an ACLUG member suggestion.  Where else should we
be posting this mailing???  Let us know if you change addresses or if we
need to drop you from the list.  -- staff

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