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[aclug-L] Internal 'Computer Channel' update.

[aclug-L] Internal 'Computer Channel' update.

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To: discussion@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: [aclug-L] Internal 'Computer Channel' update.
From: David Carmichael <dec2955@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 03:32:55 -0500
Reply-to: discussion@xxxxxxxxx

Well folks it works.... a little bit better than I had expected!

While I still have a few add-on to get my test bench cleaned up. [Like a UHF
Modulator that I "won" on ebay] I am running the output into the inputs to a
VCR that I already have UHF outs connected to my home system.

I ended up using one freeware program that does in Windows "ALT+TAB" at a
users set speed from a programmer named "Analog-X" And everything else I
"Borrowed" HTML codes for rewritten web pages. I just need to get the
refresh timing down so that the webmasters don't think that I am "Attacking"
their systems.

'IF' I had a faster computer I would of added the NASA web broadcast
channel... Knowing that I could do this I just might build (in the future) a
computer with web access for what they call 'BROADBAND MEDIA' and connect it
to my home "TV" network in the future.

But for now for the audio I am using a CD/RW full of MP3's in repeat/shuffle

I plan on adding a NOAA weather radio to the system via the line input in
the future.. as soon as the power supply interference troubles can be worked
around, and may just mix the MP3 with the computer voiced NOAA reports due
to the amount of 'dead air' there is during the broadcasts.

From what I can tell everything that I am doing with my little P233MMX
system under Windows could be done under Linux!  While you might not be able
to use an onboard TV out card.. there are now many low cost VGA converters
on the market.

'IF' none of this makes any sense to you.. sorry I woke up from a nightmare
and could not go back to bed and thought that I would write a update.


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