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[aclug-L] Re: Power Transformers

[aclug-L] Re: Power Transformers

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Subject: [aclug-L] Re: Power Transformers
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Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2001 12:01:52 -0500
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I'm working on a Solar Panel and Battery DC power supply for use in computer
systems and household appliances, refrigeration, lighting and other constant
drain loads.

The project is long term, but I think the time will come when it is overdue.
A lot of energy is wasted while converting AC to DC through transformers and
to see the economics of such waste takes some refinement in the mainstream
mindset that is dominant today.

Computers generally only need 12 volts or less with varying degrees of
amperage.  Solar panels are generally setup in .75 volt increments like 3,
6, 12 and 24 volts being quite common...and are getting cheaper.  With good
regulation and high-quality batteries the solar system could replace the UPS
and the power company for most of the computers power needs.

I think for computers it is completely do-able to charge batteries with a
solar ladder array to replace the transformer-based AC supplies that are so
ubiquitous.  The system would be totally grid independent and once the
initial cost is met, the energy would be almost free!  Batteries as they are
can wear out and need replacement but that would be a minor expense compared
to watching the meter whir continually.

The refrigerator is another constant drain that could be supplied reliably
by a solar array.  There is imho a huge need for development along the lines
of energy production and useage.

As far as I can tell Seimens is the leader in
the solar cell field.

We have a project at OzoneFarm just barely started
that addresses solar power for various applications that is climbing up the
to-do list rapidly.

Just my 2 cents worth.

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Subject: [aclug-L] Power Transformers

I was just reading the following:  _ Bush Takes Aim at "Wall Warts" _,3396,s%253D201%2526a%253D6333,00.asp

And it talks about how power converts use up to 4% of a homes electrical
power usage...

Now I don't know about you guys but a drop of 4% in my electrical bill would
be about $10 a month....

But the question is... how does one create a power on demand transformer?

In my home office alone I currently have close to 15 of these
transformers... and they all seem to output different voltages, amps, some
are AC -> DC, while others are AC -> AC.

While a few of these could be placed on one of the under monitor style power
strips that have on/off switches for each device... but many of them power
device that may be called on 24 hours a day for the device to work (network
hubs, DSL Modem, UHF Converts, ect.)

So what's a person to do??

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