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Re: [aclug-L] Setting up my own server...

Re: [aclug-L] Setting up my own server...

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To: aclug-L@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [aclug-L] Setting up my own server...
From: Jeff <schaller@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 25 May 1999 09:26:58 -0500 (CDT)
Reply-to: aclug-L@xxxxxxxxxxxx

On Tue, 25 May 1999, Patrick Klee wrote:

> - My own domain name.

Troy, want to take this one? :)
O'Reilly: DNS and BIND.

> - My own news server.

Do you have massive amounts of bandwidth and disk space?
Do you really want a news server, or just access to news?
Look into inn. Also, "Managing Usenet" by O'Reilly.

> - My own mail server, for my employees to access from my computer.

Set up the network, tweak sendmail.
See the bat book by O'Reilly.

> - My own FTP server.

There's a HOWTO somewhere on on setting
up anonymous ftp. non-anonymous ftp already exists, just run ftpd.

> - Changing from root to my own username so I can't get a virus.

adduser blah
passwd blah
And it's not just virus avoidance, it's idiot-proofing things.

> Also, what program comes with Linux RedHat 5.2 that
> you can make Webpages with?  

I use vi and pico.
O'Reilly: Apache, "Building Your Own Website".

> What do I need to do all of this and where
> can I find step-by-step guides to set all of this up.

A 386 with 8+ meg of memory, LOTS of FAST disk space if you're
going to run a news server, lots of patience, some time, and books
(O'Reilly recommended ( or

Also, if you installed the documentation, look in /usr/doc
and the related manpages.

Hope you like to read (and tinker) :)

Positive, adj.: Mistaken at the top of one's voice.
                -- Ambrose Bierce, "The Devil's Dictionary"

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