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Re: [aclug-L] ntmag

Re: [aclug-L] ntmag

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To: aclug-L@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [aclug-L] ntmag
From: "James G." <jamesga@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 03 May 1999 17:25:07 -0500
Reply-to: aclug-L@xxxxxxxxxxxx

phrostie wrote:

> In truth most of what the author is talking about is over my head.
> my understanding is that linux has always had support for SMP,
> with 2.2 it is more efficient.


This is a pro-M$ site. Just the fact that the info is above most peoples
head is reason enough to discard it. M$ knows this and uses this as
phychological FUD regardless of if the information in the article is
correct or not.

 An example of anti-Linux phychological FUD is to suggest to a Linux
newbie to buy 3 worthless 1,000+ page books and to install the slackware
distribution of Linux (because real men use slackware).
M$ would NEVER suggest you install the newest version of Caldara,
Red-Hat or Mandrake. Their main goal is to sell as many copies of
windows as possible. I think they must employ a whole team of
phychological manipulation engineers to come out with their brand of
FUD. God forbid someone will use Linux and be happy......

Besides, the OS big business decides to use is not determined by front
line technicians and engineers, it's determined by the CEO and how big
the kickback was from the OS vender. For Linux to have come this far...
Linux MUST be darn good.

So... use Linux, be happy.


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