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[webdev] Re: postnuke work

[webdev] Re: postnuke work

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To: webdev@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: [webdev] Re: postnuke work
From: Jeff Vian <jvian10@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 04 Aug 2002 00:26:27 -0500
Reply-to: webdev@xxxxxxxxx

Dale W Hodge wrote:
>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: webdev-bounce@xxxxxxxxx [mailto:webdev-bounce@xxxxxxxxx]On Behalf
>>Of Tom Hull
>>OK, I guess it's postnuke.
> It looks that way. You and I seemed to be the only one's with any preference.

Not quite, I voted for postnuke.

>>Of course, if anyone wants to propose a better machine and/or
>>a better connection, we should consider that.

I have a K6-2 300 CPU I will donate if the existing motherbord will 
support it, or if someone can come up with a suitable motherboard.
Also have some memory available.

> No suggestions here.
>>Elsewhere, Dale
>>suggested using debian instead of the current krud/red hat
>>system. Biggest problem I see with that is that it would wipe
>>out a lot of reusable configuration on the current machine;
>>OTOH, it may be a good idea for a new machine. (Although as
>>a debian non-user I don't know that.)
> I only suggest this if we change machines.  Debian seems to manage security 
> much
> better than RedHat.  Package management is a dream by comparison.  Now that
> Debian 3.0 has released, it's a fairly up-to-date system.

On which system are you saying package management is a dream?

I don't have any problems with security on RedHat.  And it has been very 
easy to keep packages up to date and add new ones.

OTOH, as a non-debian user, I hear debian is usually slower to release 
updates because they try to keep it extremely stable and don't release 
things until after they have been in use and tested by others for 
security and stability. If I was making the decision it would be RedHat, 
  but that is based on comfort and familiarity with the system.

AFAIK, unless we have been stressing the existing machine, why does it 
need to be upgraded right now?  What is the hardware exactly? I thought 
it was a pentium 133, and that is old but still seems pretty solid for a 
site that is not highly stressed for activity.

>>Comments? What else do we need to do now?

Jeff Vian

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