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[tetrinext] status, web page, help wanted.

[tetrinext] status, web page, help wanted.

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To: tetrinext@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [tetrinext] status, web page, help wanted.
From: Jared Johnson <solomon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 07:24:31 GMT
Reply-to: tetrinext@xxxxxxxxxxxx

greetings all,

currently it look like this TINT thing has reached the point at which much of
the thing can be written and made into some kind of a source distribution that
can be shown to the world in order to get more people to come help.  The 
Zillidot, the general mastermind behind TINT, has become a college student as
of yesterday -- thus, he doesn't expect to have the time to deal with making 
a source distribution, or the web page to accompany it.

This means that (1) other coders will have to code on TINT if it is to go
anywhere, and (2) since there probably aren't that many active and free coders 
this list now, the project will need more coders to get involved, if it is to go
anywhere.  Thus, it's become pretty important that a web page be drawn up that
gives a pretty good description of what TINT wants to be and appeals for more
developer support.  The information will need to be complete enough that helpful
people can read the information on the web page and subsequently write something
from scratch and post it to CVS.

Something will need to be drawn up concerning such things as protocol, UI,
appearance, gameplay, rating system (hehe), and overall design.  The most 
thing is content; I know a few people outside the project that would probably be
willing to put it all together into a cohesive site, but if anyone on this list
feels like volunteering, go for it.

Though Zillidot is eager to contribute to this -- in fact, he would have to,
since much of the structure and such of TINT is in his own head -- he doesn't 
that much time.  With this in mind, if some people could come up with some
drafts and post them to the list, and/or give suggestions for drafts that have 
posted, that would be very helpful; In fact, I don't see TINT going anywhere for
a long time unless this is done.  Once a relatively substantial information has
been accumulated, let's post it to the web page.  I know a few people, and i'm
sure a few of you know people, that can advertise a bit for the web page and
attract some developers, artists, and sound people to the project.  But the most
important thing is to create some content, and I urge anyone that really wants 
see TINT happen to contribute to this.

On that note, I will probably post summaries of what I know of TINT's planned
structure.  I've been in contact with Zillidot a bit more than with the list, so
there are probably a few things I know that others don't -- also, anyone new to
the list will have an opportunity to get clued into what TINT is. 
Unfortunately, since I don't even know how to code yet, i'm of limited 
Hopefully this will soon change =).  I certainly hope Zillidot will be active 
in posting
the plans he had expected to carry out himself to the list, and giving feedback
on everybody's ideas -- but i'm not getting my hopes up, college students are
busy people, i know, I am one too =)

Jared Johnson

Happiness isn't something you experience; it's something you remember.
                -- Oscar Levant

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