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[tetrinext] Re: draft of specific scoring details

[tetrinext] Re: draft of specific scoring details

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To: "\"Paul Leighton\" <paul.leighton@xxxxxxxxxx>; \"Tetrinext Mailing List\"" <tetrinext@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [tetrinext] Re: draft of specific scoring details
From: Jared Johnson <solomon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 05:23:07 GMT
Reply-to: tetrinext@xxxxxxxxxxxx

I'm forwarding this to the tetrinext mailing list as well.

> Looking at the penalty for a player who resigns from the game, the most
> practical way to calculate this is to assume that that player would have
> lost the game.

sounds good.

> The win bonus is more tricky but you may consider keeping this very simple
> also, Apply the formula as outlined before then add 5% for the clear winner.
> anymore than this would be out of balance.

how about giving the player a second win against the rest of the players as a
whole? (calculating this using the average of all the other players' ratings)? 
Doesn't seem like this would exceed 5% often, but it would make it more related
to the skill level of the people you're playing against and so forth.  This also
means that it wouldn't be a constant level and thus would be harder to exploit

thanks for the input.  it looks like the basic thing that should be done, as
you've done, is to use the very complicated formulas in a simple but sensible 

Jared Johnson

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