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offlineimap hangs on a message

offlineimap hangs on a message

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To: offlineimap <offlineimap@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: offlineimap hangs on a message
From: Ajeet Grewal <asgrewal@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2009 11:26:16 -0700

Hey guys, 

offlineimap has been working well for a while now. Recently it stopped
retrieving messages from the server. I cleared all the data in
~/.offlineimap and deleted the corresponding maildir. However, when I
run offlineimap, it runs happily for a bit and then just hangs at one
particular message. I have rerun it quite a few times and it always gets
stuck on the same message. I was having this problem with 6.0.3 and now
updating to 6.1.2 does not make any difference.

Here is the debug output at the end. There are no more lines after this
even after waiting for a long time. It always hangs on message 1875.

DEBUG[maildir]: savemessage: using temporary name 1250014575_7.5406.einstein    
                 DEBUG[maildir]: savemessage: moving from 
1250014575_7.5406.einstein to 
DEBUG[maildir]: savemessage: returning uid 1874
Copy message 1875 IMAP[Mail/INBOX] -> Maildir[.FAS], LocalStatus[.FAS]
DEBUG[imap]:   16:15.96 Copy message 1875 from .FAS [async] UID ('FETCH', 
'1875', '(BODY.PEEK[])')
DEBUG[imap]:   16:15.96 Copy message 1875 from .FAS _request_push(LCCG418, UID, 
DEBUG[imap]:   16:15.96 Copy message 1875 from .FAS data=LCCG418 UID FETCH 1875 
DEBUG[imap]:   16:15.96 wrtr > LCCG418 UID FETCH 1875 (BODY.PEEK[])\r\n
DEBUG[imap]:   16:15.97 redr poll => [(4, 1)]

Any ideas how to fix this?


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