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"mostly" sync'ing with Exchange IMAP server :(

"mostly" sync'ing with Exchange IMAP server :(

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Subject: "mostly" sync'ing with Exchange IMAP server :(
From: "Mark R. Biggers" <biggers@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 11:48:12 -0400
Reply-to: biggers@xxxxxxxx


I've succeeded in IMAP "downloading" of 7 of 8 accounts from my
client's Exchange IMAP server, using OfflineIMAP (4.0.11 Rev 592) on
Redhat Enterprise Linux 3.4 (CentOS 3.4).

The 8th account had Outlook folder-names that contained illegal
characters when created on Linux, so I had to write 'nametrans' and
'folderfilter' Python functions, to get past this.

These functions does create correct "filtered" Linux dirnames.
However, offlineimap bombs when starting to sync over messages from
the Exchange folders.  The files can be seen on my Web site
(user-accts changes, passwords removed - security edited):

* the .rc file for the 8th user --

* the support 'pythonfile' --
* debugging output --

Any ideas (fixes or workarounds) would be greatly appreciated!
OfflineIMAP is a fantastic Python product.

thank you,

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