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Mac, Problematic Message, Exchange

Mac, Problematic Message, Exchange

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To: offlineimap@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Mac, Problematic Message, Exchange
From: Taylor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2005 15:56:15 -0400

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First and foremost I would like to thank you, John, for such an  
immensely useful tool. I've been using offlineimap on a gentoo box at  
my house for quite some time, and to it I attribute much peace of  
mind. :)

That said, I've just started using offlineimap on my Mac (Tiger v.  
10.4.2, Python v. 2.3.5) to synchronize my personal and work accounts  
and have run into a few problems, outlined below.

* Problem 1, Tk.Blinkenlights /sort of/ works on the Mac, but the  
additional dialog that opens up never seems to display properly and  
moving the mouse over the Tk dialog (i.e. to move the window, display  
the log, etc.) produces only a spinning beachball [screenshot  
attached]. I've thus reverted to Curses for manual sync and  
Noninteractive for cron.

* Problem 2, Trying to synchronize my work account, which lives on an  
Exchange server [blech] fails repeatedly at a specific email,  
producing a whole spew of errors, ending with a "MemoryError". I've  
attached an abbreviated log using TTY.TTYUI with IMAP debug turned  
on. I snipped out much of the beginning of the log, but if you'd like  
to see the whole thing, I'll be happy to fwd it along. [file:  

* Problem 3, While producing the screenshot for problem 1 above,  
offlineimap again bombed with a "MemoryError" and produced several  
python malloc errors, file also attached below (though no debug log,  
as I wasn't expecting a problem other than with the Tk dialog).  
[file: oi_errors_mac]

Thanks in advance for any assistance or direction you can provide!
taylor banks, cissp
security ninja :: kaos.theory
security research, in fractal detail

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