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Mutt notifies unread messages after sync

Mutt notifies unread messages after sync

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To: offlineimap@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Mutt notifies unread messages after sync
From: Matthias Hensler <matthias@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 20 Jul 2002 17:59:34 +0200
Reply-to: Matthias Hensler <matthias@xxxxxxxx>

Hi there!

First I have to thank John Goerzen for his work and the problems he
helped me with so far.
I am new to this list, but searched a bit in the archives, so far I
didn't notice anyone having a problem like me.

When I send a mail, mutt creates a copy in the "Sent"-folder. If I
synchronize this folder to my IMAP-server with offlineimap, mutt
notifies me about a new message in this folder afterwards.

I am new to maildir (have used mbox previously), so I might not
understand the clue here, but this is what happens:
a) mutt puts the message in "Sent/cur" with the "seen"-Flag set.
b) offlineimap synchronizes the folder an moves this message to
   "Sent/new" with the "seen"-Flag set.
c) mutt notifies a new message in "Sent", but changing into this folder
   only shows alreay read mails. Leaving the folder then causes mutt to
   copy the mail back to "Sent/cur".

The same happens when I copy a message from one folder to another (by
the way, are there any plans for offlineimap to detect this, and copy
the message on the serverside instead of deleting and uploading the

So my question: how to prevent mutt to notifiy me about this, or to tell
offlineimap to put message with the "seen"-Flag set into the

Thanks for your help.

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