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[linux-help] Re: FW: Linux help

[linux-help] Re: FW: Linux help

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Subject: [linux-help] Re: FW: Linux help
From: james l <james@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 23:20:57 -0600
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On Sunday 10 February 2002 22:37, you wrote:
> When upgrading RedHat (from 6.0 to 7.2), does upgrading (writing over
> existing) installation well?  Or do people recommend backing up all the
> docs and do clean install?

According to people on the list (I included all the messages because I am not 
sure everyone CCed you.), and my personal opinion that upgrading would be a 
good idea. If you upgrade or reinstall, I would STRONGLY STRONGLY reccomend 
that you back up your data, before proceding. 

If you use LILO, the standard for 6.x series you can pass it the option 

so assuming your image name is linux (hit tab to confirm) type:
linux init=/bin/bash
then after it starts up type
and it should allow you to reset the root password.

James L.

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> A short while ago Dale W Hodge wrote:
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> > I bought Red Hat Linux 6.  I installed it and set it up. Used it for a
> > while. But stopped using it, went back to it about 6-8 months later, but
> > lost the super user password. Is there a way to find the password or am I
> > going to have to reformat and reinstall.
> >
> > Mark
> There is ( but unless
> you have some important stuff in there, I would recommend doing a reinstall
> with one of the latest versions. Red Hat is up to version 7.2.
> Much improved over v6.
> RR
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